The Meanings Of Gender And Sexuality Essay

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The Meanings of Gender and Sexuality
Cultural ideas of what it means to be “male” or “female” have shifted drastically over time, as illustrated by the drastic shifts countries that champion equality have recently made. Hunter-gatherer society is no longer the norm, and women are no longer expected to remain at home while men work. Adding to the discussion, Psychology in Everyday Life’s fourth chapter discusses human gender and sexuality. To start, the chapter begins by stating that cultural ideas about gender have changed over time. A story is recounted from 1972 in which a “bright, warm, enthusiastic woman” who was about to receive her Ph.D. in developmental psychology was rejected from her potential job because the chancellor determined that the mother of a preschooler “should be home with her child, not working full time.” As a result, she was unable to get anything other than a part-time job, but at the very least had the consolation prize of knowing that the chancellor’s ideals would no longer be culturally accepted. Later, in 2011, a very different scenario played out in which a woman was hired because everyone else was a man. Cultural views on men and women have evolved, and there’s no reason to suggest that the evolution of these ideas will not continue.
The chapter goes on to explain the practically irresistible push humans naturally have to categorize what is known on an individual basis. One of these categories, which prevails even before a child is born is…

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