The Meaning Of The Word Robot Essay

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Robotics The meaning of robotics is simply a type of science that uses or creates machines to do the job for humans and make it easier. The word robot comes from the main word roboto in the Czechoslovakian language the word roboto means to do a job over and over again (Beyer, 5). Scientists say that by the year 2050 robots will be as smart as humans and act like them in certain ways (Beyer, 12). Robots are getting smarter everyday and also improving each day getting better. They are important because they have become an everyday use for human beings. They are different types of robots used for different types of work or jobs. Robotic machines have certain movements they do to operate and so they can function very well. They have been using robots so much lately they have become a tool that people have to have in a work because it is needed to do the job. People have been using robotic machines everywhere. Companies are making robotic machines more and more for several of reasons like getting in places where humans cannot enter. Every day a bigger step is taken into the future, Robotic machines are changing the way of living and making the lives of humans easier. The word robotic is a 20th century word (Thor, 5). Robotic machines have always been an idea since the last century and even in the late of the nineteenth century. There have been some famous writers and directors that have written about mechanical things or figures having movable parts in the late nineteenth…

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