The Meaning Of Loyalty

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Loyalty’s Different Meanings Loyalty can make or break any relationship. Loyalty is being there for that special someone, keeping secrets, only talking to them, and always protecting them from harmful things. Loyalty is when a person is committed to someone and they do not associate with anyone else on that same level, While some may say it is only having one friend that you only tell things to and expect them to keep it to him or her self. Loyalty is what defines a relationship it is like having a dog that always gets close to your side when you are down. Loyalty can be used in many ways. It has to do with trustworthiness. Dogs are always loyal to their owner; they comfort them when they are down and protect them. According to J.R.R Tolkien (2013), “Faithless is he that says farewell when the roads darken”. Loyalty is known as being faithful and when you are known as faithless, you are not loyal. People tend to be very precise when it comes to what they define loyalty as. Loyalty is a very strong word to describe a person as. He or she must hold a person down and be there for them in dark times. Loyalty also follows sports teams in many aspects. Your team members believe in you to be loyal to the team, to be …show more content…
Cheating on them or hanging out with other friends can be classified as not being loyal because they are not being a true friend or a true significant other. It seems to be that everybody knows what not being loyal means rather than knowing what loyal means. That can be the problem. Before you know what loyalty is not you should know what it is and that’s the problem many people do not. The length of a relationship cannot determine loyalty or how often you see that person. You could see someone everyday and be friends with him or her but he or she may never show loyalty, while on the other hand, you can have someone who you see once a week and they show loyalty to

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