Essay On Loyalty In The Outsiders

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Isn’t it always considerate and supportive when someone is looking out and sticking up for you like a family? Trust is an important aspect to loyalty. You won’t get help from them unless they trust you. Trust is earned by showing loyalty, which is why loyalty is very important. To the Greasers, loyalty is a principle to a successful gang; without loyalty, the gang isn’t a gang anymore. In the Outsiders, they had experienced how things would be if they lost loyalty for each other, for example, when Ponyboy didn’t believe that Darry really loved him. The Greasers showed loyalty to one another, by defending and sticking up for each other, and caring for one another. Loyalty represented the Greasers’ gang; it held the gang together, and the gang members looked out and cared for each other like a family.

Loyalty was essential to hold together the Greasers’ gang. There needed to be someone they could always count on in the gang. According to Ponyboy, ”[w]hen you’re a gang, you stick up for the members. If you don’t stick up for them, stick together, make like brothers, it isn’t a gang anymore.” (Hinton, S.E., The Outsiders. New York: Penguin Group, 1967. Pg. 26).
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Only because of it they were able to bond together and create a family between themselves. Loyalty doesn’t only mean to be loyal; it also means to build trust, love, and compassion. The ones who came from a broken family were able to experience how it felt to be loved. As Chris Diaz said, “[a]ll blood does is make you related… It's loyalty that makes you family.”, showing that only loyalty creates true families. Loyalty holds family-like relationships together, creates love and care in the family, and gives you someone you can always count on. Without the loyalty in the gang supporting one another, there wouldn’t be a family; without a family that cares for each other, there wouldn’t be love; without love, nothing would be

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