Essay on The Mccarthy Era During The Cold War

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The McCarthy Era began during the Cold War, a time that led to widespread paranoia and suspicion of the communist population (also known as the Red Scare). This resulted in a fear of the spread of communism in the United States. Senator Joseph McCarthy set up “witch hunts” in search of people who practiced communism. The people who were accused were given the option of refusing to testify, which would result in them being blacklisted; subsequently causing their careers to suffer. The other option was admitting to McCarthy and the House of Un-American Activities Committee and providing names of other communists. Similarly, in The Crucible, widespread paranoia and suspicion cause many innocent people to be unjustly persecuted. This begins with a group of girls who fake a seemingly unearthly illness, frightening their strict, religious Puritan community (which seems to think the girls are engaging in some sort of witchcraft). The girls then begin accusing people of witchcraft to absolve themselves of any sort of punishment/blame. Soon, others start to accuse innocent people of witchcraft and cooperating with the devil, trying to secure their safety of going to trial, which only leads to secrets being revealed and guilty verdicts. Then, mass hysteria ensues and lies are spread through the town. This then brings the government and trials into play, taking suspects that were accused to jail to be hung if they don’t confess to witchcraft and set free if they confessed to God.…

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