Essay on The Mayor 's Chief Of Staff At Green Bay City Hall

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In September I accepted a position as the Mayor’s Chief of Staff at Green Bay City Hall. I worked this job until the middle of February. This was probably my favorite internship because I was assigned to do so many different tasks and assignments. I had done some things for the city where I could see the end result and things I did were brought in at a couple of city council meetings. Dr. David Helpap originally told me to apply for the internship at City Hall. He gave me the right information and I went in for an interview with Mayor Jim Schmitt and his Chief of Staff Andy Rosendahl. We sat down for a half hour or so and they offered me the position right on the spot. I worked at city hall two days a week and the first few days involved going to multiples of meetings. There was a period of time in there when the city was looking for a new Chief of Police. I got to sit in on some of the hiring process. There were almost 500 initial candidates, which blew my mind, and I got to sit in on the end portion. About half of the find 24 candidates were people that worked for the city police and the other half were people from all over the United States.

Once a month, the Chief of Police meets with the Mayor to go over the previous month’s crime numbers. For a short while, the city hired a retired police officer as the interim Chief. He used to be the Chief of Police for many cities in the country. He started off in Wisconsin and ended in Green Bay. He was once the…

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