Essay about The Marketing Strategy Of Electrolux

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Electrolux is well known Swedish company, currently employing over 60,000, that started in 1919 and now making over 50 million products marketed in over 150 markets worldwide, most of their sales done in US and Brazil, 50% of sales are in the Americas, 30% in Europe and 20% in other markets. Electrolux Company makes quality appliances for home and professional use based on their consumer’s insights. With 60,000 employees, growth markets currently makes 35% of the company’s business and its goal is to increase it considerably in the future. (Electrolux, 2013)
Electrolux was forced to make indispensable changes to its international strategy in order to remain competitive in the market, especially the Chinese market which considered one of the most essential global markets. In the year 2003, Electrolux introduced a new plan to redesign new appliances (Ex: coffeemakers, ovens, dishwashers, vacuums…) for daily use to take on the Chinese market. This major shift in the company’s strategy was far more profitable and showed how important it is to remain flexible in today’s market in order to compete with other businesses. According to Ernst & Young, increasing population and fast economic growth mean that China and India will become the hearts of middle-class consumerism. The market is dominated by bigger companies in the industry that are all trying to take the lead by producing good products that could compete with their competitors. Therefore, Electrolux had to keep an eye on…

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