The Marketing Strategy Of Disney Essay

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Disney will utilize many forms of communication and media to spread the word about the new land in Magic Kingdom. The marketing strategy will focus on building excitement and attracting an older demographic. The new movie releases through 2020 will help build the excitement for the new upcoming land. These movies include, Wonder Woman, Justice League Part 1 and 2, The Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern Corps, etc. (Weber). Disney will therefore, be able to capitalize on the popularity of these new upcoming movies. Furthermore, a great deal of the marketing will come from the public. Word will spread through social media and other communication channels.
Disney has its own specific marketing strategy known as “[telling] stories first, [developing] and [selling] products second.” This form of strategy is called “content marketing,” which is depicting a brand story before developing the products (Burns). DC Entertainment has already provided this strategy by developing its own stories shown in comics, movies and TV shows. Therefore, DC has provided the brand story and now Disney can utilize it to create Comicland. Content Marketing is crucial in attracting new customers by having a story behind the rides, merchandise and restaurants.
Brand awareness is important in any marketing strategy, which is accomplished through advertising. An advertising campaign that contains “representations of the story” is crucial (Burns). Disney’s ad campaign for Comicland would depict the new land…

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