The Market Mentality Drives Students Essay

1394 Words Sep 21st, 2016 6 Pages
William Deresiewicz claims that in the neoliberal world we live in, the market mentality drives students to attend universities purely to obtain higher paying careers, rather than to expand knowledge. This article describes how students are most interested in practicing majors corresponding with the highest salary jobs: “the most popular majors are the practical, or … the commercial ones: economics, biology, engineering, and computer science.” Today, parents invest in college with hopes to make larger investments back, due to that fact that an individual’s worth in society is based on their wealth. Students no longer attend college to question and reflect on the world, but rather to rise on the social ladder. Deresiewicz believes “college is seldom about thinking or learning anymore” because “elite American universities no longer provide their students with a real education, one that addresses them as complete human beings rather than as future specialists.” Education is no longer a luxury; it is simply just a required step in order to get a job. Deresiewicz then advocates that student’s intentions for participating in extracurricular activities are primarily to better their chances of excelling in their intended field. For example, students focus on internships, which are “oriented toward future employment.” Instead of being driven to participate in recreational activities that would enhance learning and social skills, students are motivated by what would look good on a…

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