Case Study Ronnie's Refreshments

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Ronnie’s Refreshments has a straight-forward vertical management structure for a several reasons. First, this vertical management structure makes the most sense to provide different levels and responsibilities among employees, even though the lack of staffing. This allows a clear and concise hierarchy of authority. Secondly, this structure divides the company into two main departments, the sales and operations department and the production department. Obviously, these two departments have specific goals and responsibilities but will work cohesively for betterment of the organization.
Risk is associated within each and every business. As such, Ronnie’s Refreshments also has its own risks associated with the organization. One type of risk
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This responsibility is to our: employees, customers, and community. Starting out with minimal staff, the organization will have a close-knit feel associated with it. Therefore, each of the employees’ opinions and recommendations are listened to and seriously considered. The staff is thought to work cohesively together as we strive for the same goal. The company’s responsibility to our customers is to provide every customer with exactly what they are promised and nothing less. Ronnie’s Refreshments wants our customers to trust the organization and know they are consuming a quality product that is truly beneficial for their health. If any of these statements cannot be said with 100% certainty then the organization has failed both the customer and itself. Lastly, Ronnie’s Refreshments has a responsibility to the community. The company’s goal is to create a mutually beneficial relationship with the community; therefore, this relationship with the community is a very high priority. Ronnie’s Refreshments will comply with all local and governmental laws/regulations to ensure the company is not doing anything illegal or improper. Furthermore, the company will make donations and host health awareness events. These donations and health events are motivated by the company’s desire to give back to the community. Ronnie’s Refreshments does not want to be just …show more content…
Minimizing any detrimental impacts the company will have, and being good stewards of the environment, is just as important as the social/ethic responsibility the organization has for its customers and community. Ronnie’s Refreshments will incorporate several strategies to help mitigate any damaging effect on the environment. First, Ronnie’s Refreshments will bottle our products using bottles and labels from recycled materials. Secondly, any scrap or excess materials will be recycled rather than merely discarded. This helps prohibit waste on the back-end and allows for those materials to be used again at a later date. Just as our company is concerned about the health and well-being of our customers, our company is equally as concerned about the health of the environment. With this in mind, we will have a couple additional initiatives to spur a healthy environment. One of these is our “Healthy Environment, Healthy You” initiative. Our message is about the environmental impact on a person’s health, and how caring about the environment not only benefits the environment but also benefits peoples’ health as well. Therefore, people should take an active approach in not just preserving the environment, but rather should be improving it. This “Healthy Environment, Healthy You” message is discussed at the health programs and events Ronnie’s Refreshments funds. Secondly, our company

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