The Management Style And Conflict Resolutions Effectiveness Essay

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Akintayo (2012) argues that a significant relationship exists between the management style and conflict resolutions effectiveness. This argument collaborates or is consistent with the findings Okedara (1995), Omole (2004), Korabic, Baril and Watson (1993), who reported that the collective bargaining strategy has been found to be very effective in resolving the industrial conflict. However, the findings on conflict management or resolution do not indicate whether communication structures during bargaining facilitated the resolution process rather it enables the worker’s decision process. This implies that when deliberations and negotiations process on issues pertaining to employment relations, industrial conflicts tends to be resolved amicably (Akintayo, 2102). Research evidence indicates that best conflict management strategies within industrial organizations have not been properly addressed especially between male and female managers preferred strategy (Armstrong, 2002). Cleaner (2004) submits that male and female managers preferred the use of collective bargaining as a strategy for effective conflict management at work organization while the present study reveals that female managers tend to use interpersonal, compromising, co-operative, collaborative, avoiding, pro-social, and communicative approaches in managing industrial conflict. These findings have implications for the organization system. Research literature focuses on the impact of conflict on the…

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