Organisational Conflict Advantages And Disadvantages

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Discuss organisational conflict and its advantages and disadvantages in organisations
It is mentioned by Robbins and DeCenzo (2001) that any organizations have interpersonal or intergroup interactions, which might be in conflict at any time. Furthermore, Organisational conflict has been shown to be a significant process affecting behaviors, decision-making and performance of organisations. For example, an increasing number of evidence demonstrate that the perceptions, motivations, problem-solving behavior and interactive outcomes in negotiation are effected by the conflict issue, which is a vital predictor of negotiation (Harinck, De Dreu and Van Vianen, 2000). Due to the organisational conflict is inevitable, so the study of its
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First, the positive impact on the members of organisations can be divided into two aspects. The first aspect is about staff. First of all, conflict can inspire the sense of competition and creativity of Employees, make them active, so as to mobilize the enthusiasm of staff. Amason and Schweiger (1994) suggested members of the organisation identify and discuss different points of view, exchange ideas, which can increase their understanding of the tasks and stimulate creative insights and solutions to the problems. The next advantage to members is about organizational conflict could bring stress to individuals and develop the staff 's sense of crisis (De Drea and Nijstad, 2008). These psychological effects inspire employees to learn new skills, so as to increase their knowledge and ability to avoid be eliminated. Meanwhile, a moderate amount of stress from organizational conflict can have a positive impact. Last, organizational conflict provides critical and self-critical opportunities for Members, to reflect on their own behaviors whether conforming to the specification. Jehn (1995) mentioned that Interaction among members to complete tasks, in which the constructive criticism and evaluation have a greater impact on organisations. The second aspect of conflict positive impact is about organization management. First, improve the level …show more content…
Through analyzing the positive and negative impacts of conflicts, there are some thinking noticeable. At first, due to the Impact of the conflict on organizations has advantages and disadvantages, we should identify which factor determine the effects of conflict to organizations. For example, the degree and type of conflict, in no small measure, can determine the effects of positive and negative. Second, since conflicts have obvious impact on organizations, managing conflicts has not been avoided. Specifically, we need to use the effects of conflicts, such as how to reduce the negative consequences of conflicts, and increase its positive effects. Last but not

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