The Major Structures Involved In The Circulatory System

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"Each body has its own art”, a quote by Gwendolyn brooks explains everything about how incredibly amazing our body is. All living things are the quintessential example of the masterpiece created by the god. Our body performs the same way as an advanced factory does, where all machines have its own specialised particular job to do. All living has a system that is indubitably crucial in order to function body properly and sustain a healthy body. It is ineffable in a way that our body performs numerous biological process at the same time such as respiration, digestion, metabolism and invading infectious microorganism. The assemblage of these different body systems facilitates the process to work together and create a state of balance in our body. …show more content…
The major structures that are involved in the circulatory system include heart, blood and the network of blood vessels. Each of them works together to transport oxygen throughout the body, provide nutrients to the cells such as amino acids and glucose, and remove metabolic waste from the body. It not only protects the immune system from the contagious and dangerous diseases by sending leukocytes but also discharge clotting cells and protein to the injured area to promote healing and stop bleeding. Blood is the constant circulating fluid that provides body with oxygen, energy and regulates body’s ph. and temperature. It contains three types of cell, red blood cell, which is packed with a pigment called haemoglobin and iron-containing protein molecules that transport the oxygen, white blood cell and platelets. Blood vessels are the tubular structure that transports the blood to the tissues and cells, consisting of arteries, veins and capillaries. Arteries have thicker walls since they have to withstand the vigorous pressure of blood being pumped from the heart, which means their job is to carry blood away from the heart and …show more content…
All of the blood vessels are divided into two systems of circulation, systemic and pulmonary. Pulmonary circulation loop is responsible for transporting deoxygenating blood from the right side of the heart to the lungs, where, the blood releases its carbon dioxide and absorbs oxygen. The oxygenated blood then returns to the heart before transferring to the systemic circulation. The systemic circulation, which carries oxygenated blood away from the heart to all of the tissues in the body and returns with deoxygenated blood carrying waste products, such as carbon dioxide, back to the heart. The heart is the indispensable biological structure that plays an important role in the circulatory system. It is the involuntary muscular organ that is made up of cardiac muscles. These muscles contract with considerable force in coordination with ventricles and arteries. The heart beats nonstop due to the rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the heart muscles created by the small electric currents, which is generated by the

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