Left Ventricular Wall Essay

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Explain the significance of the thickness of the left ventricular wall. The left ventricle works harder as it pumps blood to the systemic circuit, not just to the pulmonary portions as the right ventricular does. Therefore, the left ventricular walls are thicker, to support the hard work that it has to do throughout the body (Martini & Nath,2014 p.685)
The major coronary vessels are on the surface of the heart. What is the advantage of that location? The heart has its own blood supply from the Coronary arteries. The two main coronary arteries are connected were the aorta and left ventricle come together. These arteries pump to all areas of the body like the brain, pulmonary cavities, and etc. Coronary vessels as well circulate the blood throughout the heart as well, as the heart doesn’t receive oxygen from the blood that it is pumping out the body. The heart needs to get oxygen someway and the circulation of the coronary vessels is what provides the nutrition of oxygen to the heart.
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The location of the myocardium is in the middle layer of the heart. It is made up of striated muscle fibers that pump blood throughout the body. Where they are placed in irregular intervals within the muscle. The Cardiac muscle is also known as the myocardium. The movement of the muscle is automatic and constant rhythmic movements that won’t stop. It contractions of the heart consist of the heart taking blood out of the heart and then relaxes to fill the heart back up with blood (Martini & Nath,2014 p.689-692).
Each cardiac muscle fiber is made up of a single nucleus that has the appearance of striated or striped. The appearance is light and dark bands. Dark bands are made up of thick protein filaments that are produced by myosin proteins. These bands do not let light pass through. The light bands are between the dark bands, they are made up of actin protein and let light pass through them (Martini & Nath,2014

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