Differences Between Al-Qaeda And ISIS

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Al-Qaeda and ISIS are two Islamist multi-national organizations which aims to spread all over the region in order to unify the Muslim world, they believe they represent religion, and use the later to justify their actions. These two Islamic groups have fought war against what they called the non-Islamic population and the west. As much as the two organizations have big similarities from how they both share the Wahhabi ideology, loathe the religious establishment of al-Azhar, involved in propaganda operations and both murder Muslims yet they have their differences. This paper will discuss the major differences between the ISIS and the Al-Qaeda groups. The major differences that will be considered are the differences in their origin, leadership, structure, means, strategies, goals, recruitment, media and PR campaigns which play a role in their existence as well as their establishment in the media world. Al-Qaeda was founded in 1988 by Osama bin Laden, Abdullah Azzam and several other in an attempt to attack against the Soviet Union and the Mujahedeen in 1980. Al-Qaeda was combined of Salafist Jihadist and Islamic (PBS, 2016). Until the year 1996, Al Qaeda was involved funding terrorist attacks but did not plan any but during 1996, Bin Laden had a Fatwa which is to attack the “far enemy” …show more content…
It has more discipline due to the direct control and the group by its leaders as compared to that of Al-Qaeda which shows how during this era that people are more afraid of ISIS rather than Al-Qaeda due to their structure and leadership composition. Al-Qaeda have places they are responsible in giving orders to their militants, they give them these commands but ISIS has more direct control on their operations, Al-Qaeda is diverse in giving their commands to their militant unlike ISIS they are not diverse and their order is followed in one position without any

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