The Main Stages Of Freud 's Gender Development Essay example

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The main stages to Freud’s gender development are the oral stage, anal stage, and phallic stage. Freud believes the things that one thinks or how they feel also plays a role in it. He also feels as the environmental and the things we go threw in life helps mold us. Freud also believes that giving up things helps us grow as well. The way our parents raise us plays the biggest part in gender development. Each individual goes through many stages to reach the gender identity of an adult, in this time the identity or outlook of it changes tremendously. He also believes that the differences in male and female is linked to our different experiences from the infant stage until we are older. The family environment also plays a part the way we are treated the, things we are exposed to, and the things we hear. Family are the first people we are in contact with before we meet new people so the things we learn from them plays a huge role not only on the thought process ,but in gender development as well.
First, the oral stage is when the infant learns how to get their food threw breastfeeding. The anal stage is when the infants learn how to give back the food threw peeing or the other end. These two stages to me seem gender neutral. There is not any gender identification between male and female in the infant stages. To me the phallic stage differs from the other two because here is where male and female tendencies come in. Freud also believes this stage is tougher on little boys than…

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