The Main Components Of The Christian Worldview Essay example

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This paper approaches the main components of the Christian worldview, I will summarize its essential elements, as well as analyze and reflect on its significance in my life.
Christian Worldview
Every person has core values, and lives its life in a certain way. Although there are values and behaviors that are shared by different groups, the way a person behaves strictly relates to its own worldview. In other words, “Worldviews are visions of life as well as ways of life” (Valk, 2012), and these visions of life are reflected in the way a person interacts with others. One of the current, most predominant shared worldviews, is Christianism, which approaches several aspects such as the existence of God, the origin of humanity, the identity of Jesus, and the meaning of restoration.
In Christianity, God is the most important and holy entity. Christianity is a monotheistic religion, therefore God is just one single entity, but three essences. The Trinitarian relationship establishes the shape of God in these three essences, which are God Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Through these essences, God manifests love and power. God possesses several characteristic, and is defined as “good, loving, jealous, faithful, and Holy” (Diffey, 2014). Some of these characteristics are being omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient (LECTURES). In other words, God is all powerful, is present in all places, and knows everything. Additionally, as this worldview states, everything that exists was…

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