Main Causes Of World War I

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World War 1 started in 1914. Majorly, it rose as a result of the Germany determination to emerge a superpower through crippling Russia and France. This war was fought between two major coalitions of nations: the Central Powers and the Allied Powers (Sowards). The Allied Powers were formed to counterpart the aggression Central Powers and Germany.
Countries Involved in World War 1
After the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife, Austria declared a war against Serbia. Austria presented an ultimatum to Serbia demanding that anti-Austria propaganda within Serbia be restrained. It was also sorting to be allowed to carry out its own investigation into the Archduke‘s killing. In exception of
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In response, Belgium withdrew their request. Consequently, Germany invaded Belgium to get a through to reach France. As a result, England decided to help Belgium against invasion and wrote to Germany an ultimatum. Withdrawal of Germans to decline the invasion led to England declare a war to Germany.
Main Causes of World War 1
An alliance is a treaty made between two or more countries to offer each other assistance in times of need. Between 1879 and 1914, a number of countries had made treaties. This resulted to those in the alliance give a hand of help in case one of their allies declared war first. Some of these countries allied included Austria-Hungary which made an alliance with Serbia in order to stop Russia having power over Serbia, Germany and Austria-Hungary allied to protect them from Russia among others.
This factor involves when a country invades new lands or nations and subjects them under their rule. British Empire enlarged over five continents and France took control over large areas in Africa. This widened the rivalry with Germany who was late in scrambling for colonies, resulting to them having only a few of them in Africa. Morocco, for example, had been given to the France by the British. In their fight for their independence, Germany came in to help Moroccans against
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This had created competition between Germany and Britain for superiority over the seas. After British introduced its battleship, Germany followed suit and introduced theirs. This competition of superiority resulted to the rise of the First World War.
This is the aspect of being strong in the support of the interests and rights of one’s nation. France was angered of the settlement of Germany at Alsace-Lorraine which had resulted after the Franco-Prussian war. Austria and Serbia as well were largely occupied of people who all wanted freedom from the states in which they lived (Taylor).
The countries which were at the central part of organizing and taking part in the World War 1 not only lost lives of its citizens, but also lost much of its resources. The reasons for the involvement were as a result of grudge and all geared disapprove the other for superiority

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