The Main Arab Writers Of Arabic, French And English Literature

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Nowadays, many people have written papers who are considered by them as the key Arab authors in Arabic, French or English literature using their readings, skills and convictions as well as the literature review they made about the issue (Allen, 1988; Brisley, 2016). However, no one has tried to know who are recognized by all the scientific community as the main Arab writers. That is why I decided to retrieve the list of these widely recognized Arab authors for Arabic, French and English literature in this work using citation analysis.
In general, scientists use citations to recognize the usefulness of works in building and confirming their findings (De Bellis, 2009). Similarly, citing a given literary work is done to highlight the originality and the quality of its topics of interest and style (Garfield, 1980). Consequently, best cited authors in a given literature can be objectively considered as its key authors (Garfield, 1980).
That is just what I decided to do in this work. In fact, I computed the number of citations for each Arab author that was active during the period between 1926 and 2016 using Google Scholar and I kept only the ones having more than 50 citations. Then, I retrieved the metadata of the considered remaining authors (Year of Birth, Citizenship, Year of death, sex, poetry activity) using WikiData to efficiently analyze the current situation of Arab world literature (Vrandečić, 2012).
Results and Discussion
Surprisingly, I found a…

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