The Main Approaches Organisations Use Management Quality Essays

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1.1 Identify the main approaches organisations use to manage quality
Quality is important to businesses but can be quite hard to define. Customers want quality that is appropriate to the price that they are prepared to pay and the level of competition in the market. The main approaches organisations use to manage quality are:
• Quality control- Checks the quality of completed products for faults. Quality inspectors measure or test every product, samples from each batch, or random samples as appropriate to the kind of product produced. A quality control approach can be highly effective at preventing defective products from reaching the customer. However, if defect levels are very high, the company’s profitability will suffer unless steps are taken to tackle the root causes of the failures.
• Quality Assurance- Aims to achieve quality by organising every process to get the product right first time and prevent mistakes ever happening. This is also known as a zero defect approach. In quality assurance, there is more emphasis on self-checking, rather than checking by inspectors.
• Total Quality Management (TQM) - Aims to develop a quality culture throughout the firm. In TQM, organisations consist of quality chains in which each person or team treats the receiver of their work as if they were an external customer and adopts a target of right first time or zero defects.
• Quality Benchmarking- A general approach to business improvement based on best practice in the industry, or in…

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