The Magic Of The Theater Essay

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As you walk through the large wooden doors of the red carpeted lobby, the magic of the theatre overwhelms you. You hand your ticket to one of the ushers and they smile and hand you a crisp glossy copy of a beautifully crafted program. He wears freshly pressed slacks of a deep black, and his hair is gelled perfectly into position. Together, you step through another set of heavy wooden doors and into the house of the theatre. With the usher as your guide, you weave through hundreds of crimson velvet seats bearing small plates the color of new pennies. After about a minute, you arrive at your assigned seat and the well dressed man wishes you a wonderful evening and leaves to assist another audience member. Waiting for the show to begin, you decide to look through your program. Headshots and biographies of the actors and characters amuse you for a short period of time, but then you begin to notice that there are more people involved in the show than you had originally thought. Pages and pages of credits for everything from stagehands and technical directors to actors and prop masters appear among the ink coated leaves. Your attention is soon diverted by the unique sound of the orchestra tuning their instruments. The show begins.
As an actress, I spend much of my time in theatres and rehearsal studios, but I never really knew everything that went into creating a successful production. With the help of my previous directors and fellow performers, I made it my mission to learn all…

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