Essay About Stage Manager

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“Stage management covers every aspects of a production, from the acting company to the acting company to the props and furniture.”
(Copley S and Killner P, 2002, page 6 )

The stage manager has an interesting and fulfilling job. They work closely with the director, set and props, lighting and more departments in a theatre production. They usually work with the director and the heads of all departments, during the rehearsal and after rehearsal. There is a lot qualities of stage manager that they need and the qualifies are very higher. It is because the stage manager is the most important for the production and to make sure everything going smoothly. The role of stage manager are very varied. A stage manager job is complex to describe and almost
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They has to make a task plan to make sure everything they shall do is in the task plan. It is required to make pre-rehearsal period, during rehearsal period, production week and first night and performance run. For the pre-rehearsal period, the stage manager has to plan very carefully and make sure everything will smoothly running. They have to discuss with the director how the show will be running. The stage manager will working closely with the Deputy Stage Manager and the Assistant Stage Manager. Stage manager will give to them any necessary information to make sure they know the flow of the show. The stage manager also will find a rehearsal place for the company and prepare a prompt …show more content…
Their role in the production are extremely varied. They may need make a multi-tasking and they has to multi-thinking. To be a stage manager they has to prepared their physical and mental. The qualities to be stage manager very is higher. They need to be a tenacity, patience, tolerance and understanding others people. This job sometimes give a pressure. Experience and knowledge is important to be stage manager. It is because they have to thinking smart when make a decision and solve a problem. Solving a problem is not easier if we don’t have a knowledge and

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