The Love Of Music In Amy Bloom's Silver Water

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In Amy Bloom’s novel, Silver Water, Violet tells about her life growing up with her older sister living in mental institutions and hospitals. Rose, Violet’s older sister, was in and out of hospitals for over 10 years. Music was an important part of their childhood, for their mother was a musician and the girls were exposed to music at a young age. Throughout the story, readers are exposed to the fact that music made an impact on Rose’s life. Throughout the majority of the story, music had a positive impact, except for one part. In Silver Water, Bloom uses the family’s love of music to show how families can come together in times of trouble. Before any hospital stays, therapy sessions, and a lot of medicine, there was a part of Rose that loved music. She was raised in a musically talented household. One night, the family was leaving an opera, and Rose had an idea. She called Violet over to her because she had something to show her. When Violet went over to her, Rose opened her mouth and started singing. “And she opened her mouth unnaturally wide …show more content…
Music is the common ground that her entire family shares, it is what they use to get through the troubling times, especially during Rose’s rough patches. The night at the Opera is one of Violet’s favorite memories, mostly because that is the Rose that she loves. During a time in which it seems that she will never get better, Rose found peace and happiness while singing at a church. Her family encouraged her to sing at the church, mostly because it made Rose feel better. The scene with the broken piano bench showed that Rose was finally tired of feeling like a fake. The piano bench represented that Rose was also broken. The bond that the family had while playing music was inseparable. The most important thing during times of trouble is having people who will love you no matter what

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