Theme Of Friendship In Finding Forrester

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¨Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness¨(Euripides). Friendship is a big concept in almost everyone's life. In the movie Finding Forrester, there is a kid named Jamal, who loves the game of basketball and is a great student athlete. He seems to not do as well on his homework assignments, but always gets a great grade on his test scores. He and his friends break into this one house that they call the Window. Jamal leaves his bag and runs off after the Window scares him off. Jamal and the Window later become friends and they write together, while the Window revises his writing. Jamal later finds out that the Windows name is William Forrester, a famous writer that writes amazing books. Jamal gets put into a great private high school where he can get advanced learning. He is a little nervous that he will not like it. Jamal later gets called out for plagiarism, and might fail his paper exam. But William comes and shares a spectacular piece of Jamal's writing that shocks his professor and all the students. After this William and Jamal become best friends. In the film Finding Forrester, individuals come together to make friendships in times of need to converse in deep conversations about how much they mean to each other. Different individual personalities make up a friendship because the uniqueness of each other pulls them together. During the film, Jamal and …show more content…
Friendship today helps others guide through negative and rough times throughout a certain time. A person needs friendship in this world, it will help throughout living a positive life. Friends are always there for times of need and positivity. Uniqueness in an individual's life can really shape a friendship, it bring creativity into the friendship and makes the friendship

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