Essay on The Love Hate Relationship With Alcohol

1961 Words Jul 27th, 2015 8 Pages
The love hate relationship with alcohol is that many people use it and many others condemn its’ use. Drinking is commonplace in the U.S., with two-thirds of Americans saying they drink alcohol, and just over 40% reporting that they had at least one drink in the past week. Drinkers still show a slight preference for beer, but wine is not far behind (Saad, 2012). Unfortunately, alcohol dependence is progressive, generally developing along a continuum, with experimentation leading to enjoyment, which becomes drinking to cope, then even drinking to survive. Some people only drink alcohol at social settings to relax and make the environment more comfortable, some regularly have a drink with their meals and some drink to mentally get away also known as having a “time out.” For those people feeling tremendous anxiety and depression, experiencing the dips of life and going through dismal stages, might rely on alcohol for relief and to self-medicate. Then there are those that drink excessively for any reason to the extent of losing full control of their responsibilities and later down the road discovering that by their own choice, they have created a detrimental problem called alcohol abuse. Personally, I have used alcohol during many of my life situations but was cognizant enough for it to not become my survival. It was difficult to recall a dark period of my life and have to put it on paper but a major part of this reflection and revelation proves further growth for me. During…

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