The Love Direction In Eveline, A Rose For Emily, And Desiree's Baby

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The Love Direction At some point in our lives we will experience the effect that love plays in our life. It will make you go places you never intended to go and do things that you never intended to do. It can be fantasized that love is not only an intense feeling for something or someone, but it is an intangible mechanism persuading a person to do things they may never have imagined. There are connections in the stories that has been read in class so far. “Eveline,” A Rose for Emily,” and “Desiree’s Baby” are all stories that entail relationships between people and how relationships can affect how people respond to different situations in life. A relationship can force individuals to make life long decisions that will affect them for the rest …show more content…
Sometimes love can stir up negative emotions that we didn’t necessarily initially want to be negative. It can be proven that emotions arise through love from the story when it says “her eyes gave him no sign of love or farewell or recognition. It is evident that feelings were involved in their relationship throughout the story. It came to a point when Eveline had to choose to be with Frank or to let him go. This is a decision that she had to make. In our love lives we will eventually put you in a position to make decisions.
The story “Desiree’s Baby” was obvious filled with much love. It stated that “Marriage, and later birth of his son had softened Armand Aubigny’s imperious and exacting nature greatly” (3). Love will send you in circles and have you doing things you never intended to do and also in some instances it can make you become a better person for the ones that you love. Love is that intangible mechanism that makes you do things you never thought about
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Being able to love someone, and them love you back is something many people continuously hope for. What can love unintentionally force you to do? That’s a tough question to answer, but as in the story “A Rose for Emily” we don’t always do right to the one’s we love and consequently reap the end result. It could possibly drive someone insane if you are not ready to play on the love ball field. There must be a genuine process and time to think about if you want to go to a different level of love with someone. If the time isn’t taken to ensure you are to be loved and love it can lead you to do things you never intended to do and go places you never intended to go. Be careful with the love direction you may going

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