The Louisiana Carnival Of Politics Essay

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Specializing in Southern Politics, Elections and Louisiana Politics Dr. Wayne Parent’s analysis of the Louisiana carnival of politics is truly one to be taught for years to come. Parent effortlessly tells the sordid story of Louisiana and their often times corrupt political system. In a state where there has been more constitutions than any other in the union as well as having Napoleonic based law, Louisiana is clearly different. To dive into this minefield of diversity is a tough task and Inside the Carnival: Unmasking Louisiana Politics Parent truly examines and explores all areas, leaving the reader with a thirst for more knowledge.
Dr. Wayne Parent a prominent political scientist as well as associate dean of the College of Arts and Science at Louisiana State University, he is a frequent commentator on national and Louisiana political media. He has appeared on such shows as Nightline, CBS Sunday Morning, All Things Considered, and U.S. News and World Report. As a Russell B. Long Professor of Political Science at Louisiana State University, he has won numerous awards. Including, TAF Undergraduate Teaching Award, LSU Distinguished Faculty Award, University Faculty Excellence Award, Arts and Sciences Student Government Teaching Award, Amoco Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award.
With eight books in print and countless articles he one is hard-pressed to find someone who has studied the uniqueness of Louisiana more. However, Wayne Parent brings forth a fresh take on…

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