Redemption : The Last Battle Of The Civil War Essay

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Redemption Book Review
Redemption: The Last Battle of the Civil War by Nicholas Lemann is a narrative about the end of reconstruction. In the exposition of the narrative, Lemann briefly describes the time period. Ulysses S. Grant was elected president and Republican state legislature created a new parish along the Red River, ensuring that its local government would be Republican due to the local courthouse not having African Americans. The parish was then named after President Grant, and the seat was named Colfax after Vice President Schuyler Colfax. Colfax, Louisiana was more of a settlement than a town. On Easter of 1873, the Colfax Massacre occurred. A group of armed, white Democrats attacked the freedmen killing many, making this massacre one of the bloodiest attacks of racist violence during the Reconstruction period. As the narrative begins, Adelbert Ames is introduced. He was a Republican who studied under Robert E. Lee, and he was married to Blanche Butler. Ames was the governor of Mississippi and ran for a second term. African Americans were allowed to vote, which helped Ames win. With this win, a lot of chaos and violence occurred throughout the narrative, making racism a reoccurring theme as well as violence. With racism being one of the main themes throughout this narrative, one may see this theme become apparent when Ames is reelected as governor. Ames and his wife, Blanche, were both carpetbaggers, meaning they came to the South after the Civil War to…

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