Essay about The Los Angeles Museum Of The Holocaust

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The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, (LAMOTH), is a two-fold mission that has publicly received its expatiators free of charge, welcoming the community since 1961 by a group of Survivors who found one another,shared their experiences and contributed their artifacts for public display. Its commemoration and artifacts displays the Jewish culture above all, to commemorate the history of its people and their journey through their suffering and rise to today. The museum focuses on honoring those survivors, enlightening their triumph past adversities that the Jewish community endured and survived during their most anguish times. LAMOTH memorializes those who suffered, but overcame the degrading and decaying of their population. Artifacts that were rescued and retrieved from survivors and historical contributions by survivors and others, connect other cultures as well, thus alluring the wondering and encouraging visitors. Gratitude contributions to the museum, however, allows the public to enlighten the past for the new generation to embrace the future, thus empowering LAMOTH’s mission statement of commemoration to the Jewish community for the rest of the world, including those who may not be able to afford the entrance, but want to maintaing LAMOTH a receiving institutuion.
I Chose LAMOTH because I have always had been captivated by the contribution of the Jewish community to the world, eventually, in high school I was introduced to the Holocaust and admired the achievements…

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