The Lord Of The Flies By William Golding?

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The lord of the flies a is a book written in the nineteen fifties, the book consists of four really main characters: Piggy; the fat brainiac, Roger; the leader, Jack; the psycho power hungry choir boy who can sing a “ c-sharp”, Simon; a more common sense based character. These four along with a bunch of other boys, ages around four to twelve, are the only survivors of a flight- going from Britain to somewhere- that crashed over the pacific ocean and end up on a island. The boys start off very good creating a democracy and establishing order using a conch as a call, and a talking stick. But the more the boys are on the island the more they become paranoid of a so called “ Beast”, and follow the savage lifestyle of Jack. In the end all goes ruin after Jack separates from the main …show more content…
He was raised by a mother who fought for women 's rights, and a father who was a schoolmaster. He started school early and at the age of twelve he tried to write a book but failed, he was frustrated and found an outlet of bullying children, he once said “I enjoyed hurting people.” "William Golding Biography." Ed. Editors. A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 03 Mar. 2016. William went on to go to Oxford and become an English and Psychology teacher, his psychological mind was very influenced by Sigmund Freud 's theories and can be seen in the book “ The Lord of the Flies” (Golding). In the 1940’s he left teaching and enlisted in the royal navy to fight in WW2. In the war he was able to further his Psychological mind by first hand seeing people become savages, he said “I began to see what people were capable of doing. Anyone who moved through those years without understanding that man produces evil as a bee produces honey, must have been blind or wrong in the head.” "William Golding Biography." Ed. Editors. A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 03 Mar.

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