The Longview Isd Board Of Trustees Meeting Essay

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The Longview ISD Board of Trustees meeting was an eye opener to me as a student. Going to the meeting I imagined that it would be a normal educational meeting; however, I realized that trustees and the public are looking for ways to improve the education for future generations. Their goal is to fix issues and recognize accomplishment that the school has succeed in.
The meeting started off with a prayer, which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and Pledge to the Texas flag, which was leaded by Farah Woods a fourth grader from LISD. Afterwards, they had an early graduation ceremony where seven student form Longview High School graduated. They each received their diplomas, which where the first to graduate this school year. As each graduate received their diploma their futures careers were announced. It consisted of three future nurses, a future welder, a future navy and army recruiter, a future diesel mechanic, and a future process technician. Then, a representative in charge of dual credit spoke about how the program is growing. This year they received 76 application, but 71 were entered to the program. The representative is pleased with the numbers, but believes they could have a better support structure. It was also spoke about new updates that are being made to the softball and football fields. There is also new construction updates being made to the high school building, which include sound proofing the music room. The Longivew ISD had a donation of $5,000 and a…

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