The Long Day Of Running Essay

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It was a chilly, fall day in mid-November five years ago. I had just turned thirteen four days earlier. All of the leaves were on the ground and the air was cool that Saturday. Just like every fall, it was time to sort calves to sell. My dad, mom, sister, brother, and I all woke up early that morning. We got bundled in several layers of sweaters to avoid the cold morning air and headed outside.
The corral was filled with cattle. The calves needed to be separated from the cows and then sorted based on weight. It was going to be a long day of running back and forth. At around lunch time, we were all exhausted and hungry. We went inside, ate a small lunch, and went back out. After another three hours, we could barely feel our legs from the cold. Dad decided that it would be nice if we took one last break to warm up, then make a final effort to get the rest sorted.
There was a group of about twenty calves that needed to be sorted by weight, so we were just about done. Then, a calf broke through a hole between the barn and a broken tie and got mixed with the wrong group. We got the whole group of calves back into the corral and began resorting. My job now was to watch the hole and hold the gate through the other gate. Finally, we got them all separated and one calf remained in the corral. Just as we finished our family friends showed up to hunt. They pulled up to the corral in their pickup and entered the corral. There was now seven people in the corral and the calf was…

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