The London 's Fashion Industries Essay

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Industries London’s fashion industries have brought great economic prosper to the Britain’s economy. London has always held a title as one of the world’s greatest “super cities” in the fashion society. London, as of 2011, is ranked as the number one global fashion city because it is one of the most powerful economic cities with leading financial centers. It is considered a superstar city on a global and national scale. It is in competition with other cities such as Paris, Milan, and New York City that all have a high reputation when it comes to fashion (Johnson, 2012). Fashion has a huge part in structuring London’s economy by leaving an impression that drives in a large amount of consumers. According Oxford Economics, in 2009 London’s fashion industries profited twenty one billion euros to the economy. In a span of 5 years there was a 22% increase because in 2014 London’s fashion industries contributed 26 billion euros to the economy. The key factor that further benefit London’s fashion industries’ growing profit is its ability to produce, sell, and design products that catches the eye of many. London’s fashion industries provide 797,000 jobs to assist the progressing economy. Britain’s employment of 31.21 million people means that the fashion industries take up 2.6% of the total work force in Britain. (Office of National Statistics, 2015). The low percentage of workers part of the fashion industries show how greatly impactful the industries are without the aid of an…

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