How Does Globalization Affect Children

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When was the last time you bought an article of clothing? When was the last time you wore it? The industry of fashion has a more sinister story behind it than most people may realise, but the mistreatment and abuse of fashion industry workers cannot be heard. Asking the question of how our clothes are made and who makes it is simple enough, but would we as a society ever have thought that the people that make them for us live in extremely poor conditions? Children and Developing Countries are heavily impacted by globalization because they are the easiest to change and be altered due to outside countries views.

Children, out of all age groups, are the easiest to influence into a certain way of thinking. This is why kids are schooled at a young age, because this information has a better chance of sticking with them for life. But with this ability, there also comes a negative. Children are impacted by globalization in a severe way as they are exposed to the effects of globalization at a young age, causing it to stick. With a recent example of the Rana Plaza building crash, these kids see how their countries are being treated, and learn young about the role that their country plays in the bigger picture of
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While they also need developing countries to be exactly what they need them to be, a source of labour that comes cheap, and is willing to bend and fluctuate when needed. Globalization is sometimes a good thing, but in this example of the fashion industry it remains mostly negative. But even though the wealthier countries have the great influence on the developing countries, that can’t stop the developing countries from participating in the act of globalization; which they are indeed doing by fighting conventions for a better future for them and their

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