Eating Disorders In Bulimia Nervosa

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Every generation has a set of beliefs that they admire and value for what it truly means to be beautiful. Back in our ancestor’s era, their interpretation for beautiful was the ideal women with large hips and breasts, a voluptuous woman such as America’s sweet heart, Marilyn Monroe. But in today’s 21st century, it is impossible to ignore the twig models on magazines, TV, and billboards. This has influenced many young girls’ ages ranging from fourteen to mid-twenties. Take in mind that the perfect woman that men desire are thin women. If these women feel like they do not live up to these expectations, then they see themselves as fat pigs. In order to understand Advertising, we need to understand the history and the great impact it made throughout …show more content…
As described in Debra Wood’s article, “Bulimia Nervosa,” she explains that:
People who have bulimia are overly concerned with weight and body image. They eat very large amounts of food (called binge eating) and use inappropriate means to rid their bodies of the food (called purging). Purging may be done through vomiting, laxatives, or water pills. Excessive exercise or fasting may replace or be used along with purging. (Pg. 1)
This pathology can originate from societal expectations, disturbed self-image, emotional stress and cultural bias towards thinness and could lead to dental and throat problems from the stomach acid that rises during vomiting and changes in the body chemistry and fluids due to the vomiting and the abuse of laxatives (Wood). The other eating disorder that can up rise is anorexia nervosa. As stated in Amy Scholten article “Anorexia Nervosa,” occurs when a person 's obsession with diet and exercise leads to extreme weight loss. The disorder is considered if a person refuses to maintain a body weight at or above 85% of their ideal body weight it can even be fatal. This pathology can originate from low self-esteem, pressure to be thin, emotional stress, influenced by social and fashion trends emphasizing or glamorizing thinness which can cause cardiac problems that could be fatal if arrhythmia develops (Scholten). Anorexia can lead to Body Dysmorphia which according
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To raise an understanding of body image as social construction and encourage an acceptance of self and others with regard to body size and appearance. We can do this by going to schools and provide presentations, and slideshows. According to the Tolerance website article “Reshaping Body Image,” it indicated to tell students that the ideas in our society about body image are so “ingrained that most of us take them for granted and accept them as natural and normal. This might lead us to internalize negative concepts about ourselves and others, such as feeling like a bad person for being overweight or thinking that thin people are the most worthy friends. Ideas about body image, however, are not fixed or universal, and vary depending upon the time and place”

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