How Did American Culture Influence Australia In The 1980's

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During the 1980’s the impact of American and British culture was evident in many different aspects of life. Australia in the 1980s was a combination of many cultural flavours including influences from different cultures such as European, Asian and Indigenous Australian culture to In the 1980s, America and Britain still proved to be the main foreign cultural influence. The Australian culture was welcoming of the consumerist American way. Throughout fashion, sporting, cinema., music, it was easy to see the impact that the American and british culture had on Australia during the 1980’s.

An area that shows the massive impact that America and Britain had on Australia is in the music industry. American music artists like Michael Jackson and Madonna were quick to top the charts when their music was first introduced. Not only was the artists themselves inspiring Australian artists a whole new genre was introduced hip hop and rap music. This began to shape the perception on music. Australian bands started to mimic the newly introduced style and this sold of the shelves quickly. Teenagers began to dress like their favourite artists British music also dominated MTV
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America influenced Australians fashion in several ways. The introduction of the ‘ideal look’ of a supermodel. .This was showcased on fashion magazines such as vogue which portrayed the idea of looking young and sexual. During the1980’s and the outburst of this new style labels such as Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani took off. As an impact from the hip hop and rap music being released it influenced many young adults and teenagers. Causing them to wear baggy pants and baseball caps to copy the outfits of their favourite hip hop stars. Britain also had an impact on the fashion portrayed in Australis during this decade. During the 1980’ s a massive event occurred in England which heavily influences the fashion in

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