The Impacts Of Popular Culture And The Australian Society

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Our unit of work focuses on the relationship between popular culture and the Australian society after WWII on the year 10 level for both the humanities and music leaning areas. This topic is part of the AUSVels year 10 history/ geography curriculum and aligned with the 2016 Victorian music curriculum. The main inquiry questions for this unit is: “How has global pop-culture (music, film and T.V.) influenced Australian Identity and society in a post WW2 environment?”.

The three key terms for this unit are: globalization, culture, and social responsibility. The lessons will be focused not merely on the history timeline of popular culture or the differences between popular music genres, but explore on the more important big idea of how popular
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Ever since 1945, generations after generations of teenagers had all been the contributors and producers of popular culture. Popular culture tends to reflect upon social and political issues, and sometimes can lead to positive outcomes: hip-hop music and the rise of black culture appreciation, for example. Nevertheless, popular culture may also advocate the more negative side of the society, like gang culture and materialism. Popular culture has always been tied with consumerism and capitalism, and with limited resources available, it is essential for students, as active consumer or even contributors, of popular culture to be aware that how their decision may influence the global society. Moreover, we hope that throughout the unit students will have a better understanding of their own culture and national identities. We expect that, as they learn and evaluate factors that may have influenced the formation of their understanding of the world subconsciously, students will start to view the society in a more conscious way and become critical thinkers. We firmly believe that this is an essential skill for students to succeed as active citizens in the society, a cross-curriculum priority of the Melbourne Declaration on Education Goal (ACARA, …show more content…
There are two major assessments for this unit, a group project which student compose and perform a hip-hop song, and an individual weekly journal for students to document and evaluate their discoveries and progress throughout the unit. Further details of the assessment are available in the unit plan. The group hip-hop project provides students with a chance to use their own cultural understanding and identity to create a music piece and learn via authentic experience. The individual journal asks students to reflect upon their own learning and understanding towards the lessons and let students re-evaluate their own cultural identities. We believe that the combination of the two formative assessments, along with other minor task of more traditional format (ex. Essay writing), because such tasks not just assess students’ ability, but develop students’ skill and scaffold their learning throughout the completion of the

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