Essay about The Little Girl - Original Writing

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Once upon a time there was a little girl. She lived with her family in a little house next to the sea. The little house was quite plain but with a view that rivaled castle and palace views around the globe. The river to the sea sang sunlight and moonbeams. And she listened.

Lupines bloomed waves of purple, pink and white, undulating as the sea breeze licked the field. It was July, the warmest month of the year. The Full Buck moon peaked over the horizon. The night air, close but cool, amplified the voices of the river and her inhabitants. The little girl listened.

Fishermen from villages all along the coast spoke of the declining clam harvest. Little clams seemed to have disappeared overnight. Where had the spat gone? The green crabs gobbled them voraciously. And, when they were done with the clams, they would move to larger prey.

Little did the clammers know but help was just down river.

It was on the night of the Full Buck moon. The little girl heard what sounded like whimpering, like a lost child who hides in a corner hoping to be found. The whimpering came from the river.

So, in the glow of the moon, the little girl decided to walk to the water’s edge to see what disturbed the usual song of the river this night. The way to the river was easy. The field, other than the lupines, had just been mown by Farmer Brown. He left the flowers for their beauty, and because he had a crush on his neighbor, Miss Rumphius who loved lupine.

Of course, the little girl had no…

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