Rhonda Sebert: The Legendary Child

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It was a cold day in Whitley, Indiana, my birthplace. It was February 21, 1998. A woman by the name of Rhonda Sebert had just gone into the hospital ready to give birth to her second child. Several minutes after noon is when the baby finally arrived. The babies name: Justin Sebert. The parents of this legendary child were Mark Sebert and, of course, Rhonda Sebert. At that time, Justin Was just a little tyke. Arriving into this world at a mere 19 inches and 7.3 pounds. Not too long after his birth, Justin was taken home to Smalley Lake, Indiana. A small cluster of houses surrounding a lake. Justin spent much of his time as an infant either in a boat with his dad, or with both parents eating blueberries from the patch across the lake. That baby is me. However, February 21, the date I was born, there was plenty more happening than the birth of one child. …show more content…
Saving Private Ryan, starring Tom Hanks was released and won five Oscars including: Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Sound, Best Film Editing, Best Effects/ Sound Effects. And it was nominated for another six. It won over 70 awards the year it was released (Saving Private Ryan). Second to Saving Private Ryan came The Big Lebowski. This hilarious comedy won two awards and was nominated for ten (The Big Lebowski). Coming in third place was Disney’s A Bug’s Life. A bugs Life won 14 awards and was nominated for 19, including one oscar (A Bug’s Life). Despite these amazing and well known movies being released, just watching television was just as

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