The Life Of Muhammad In Mecca, Arabia

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The Life of Muhammad Muhammad was born 570 B.C. in Mecca, Arabia. His parents were Abdullah and Amina, but his father died before he was born. Muhammad’s mother died when he turned six years old then his grandfather took care of him. After two years he went straight to his uncle because his grandfather died. Abu Talib protected him throughout his adulthood. He worked for a wealthy merchant named Khadija. Muhammad delivered her goods to Syria, and Khadija trusted him because he was a hard worker. Khadija and Muhammad developed their feelings towards each other and got married. She was the number one faithful supporter of Muhammad. Muhammad and his warriors constrained the people to follow him on his conquest.

Muhammad felt different when
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Most of the Meccan’s did turn against Muhammad’s people. Abu Talib, his uncle protected Muhammad from the people that are against him. The Quraysh tribes encourage the people to turn against Muhammad, they called him a liar and insulted the Muslims. Muhammad walked around Ka’ba, a group of men insulted him and attacked him twice. Then when he walked around the third time, those men attacked him the same way. Muhammad told them that he will bring the slaughter to them. Quraysh did not stop on attacking Muslims. Muhammad was protected by his uncle, but he could not protect his people. He moved his people to Abyssinia in Africa, the leader of that place was a Christian. The Quraysh tribe followed Muhammad’s people to Abyssinia to bring his people back to Mecca. But the leader of Abyssinia resisted and protected the Muslims from the Quraysh …show more content…
Muhammad introduced monotheism to the people on believing that there is only one God. It was unbalanced because there are people that are against Muhammad’s revelation, and the Islam religion that he created. He learned a lot of things through his lifetime by giving respect on everything. He was generous spiritually, and he knows how to identify the weak. The most encouraging part of his life was, he was desired to make the world better. Muhammad and his warriors constrained the people to follow him on his conquest and he succeeded on it for his

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