Four Moons Film Analysis

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Four Moons is a Spanish film written and directed by Sergio Tovar Velarde, a member of the community, which illustrates the lives of four men of different generations facing the conflicts of living as a homosexual. The first story is about a young 11 year old that realizes he likes boys but does not know how to express it without being targeted and his father is not accepting him when he finds out. The second story is about a teenager that wants to tell everyone he is homosexual but his close friend and partner is not ready to come out. The third story is about a middle age man that has been in a relationship with his partner for 10 years but begin to have conflicts. The fourth story is about an elder family man that is married to a woman, …show more content…
He was invited to a university to commemorate him for his services. I feel that maybe if he were a gay man, he would not be invited to speak to a large group of people. The man was hiding the fact that he was not actually happily married to his wife in order to keep his wife and kids happy. Although he still has his urges to sleep with men, he decides to live as a heterosexual man with a wife and kids. He chooses this life for the privileges that come with being heterosexual. For example, others would be more accepting of him, he would be recognized as a good leader, and it would make others around him feel comfortable with his presence. His story is an example that if he were to come out as a homosexual, he would probably not have all the success he has had. This story reminded me of one of the readings we had in class. Sue(2010) explained how these men are “remaining or becoming invisible so they can avoid the risk of being harassed, rejected or possibly of losing job or family relationships” (p. 198). The fear is so powerful that some men feel that they only way they can avoid being assaulted or losing what they care about is by hiding their true

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