The Life Of A Big Family Essay

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Having a big family is great, especially when you 're the youngest one in the family. My family has a total of 8 people, my parents, two sisters and three brothers. The oldest brother in my family is Eddie Romo and his biggest accomplishment was being in the Marines for five years. He was stationed in San Diego and then later went to Virginia for school to learn mechanics. He was then shipped out around the world and went to different places, for example, he went to the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii and Cuba. From the stories I heard from him I learned that he had a rough time just trying to stay alive and make it through the day. My second oldest brother’s name is Julio Romo and he’s the least favorite out of all my brothers for the reason being that he rarely does anything positive for our family. Basically all I know about him is that he has two kids named Joseph and Sophia and that he works with his wife’s company by helping out with computer problems. My third oldest brother Adrian, is a game designer and he use to work for Namco, which is a enormous company that made a serious amount of games. At this point in life he is laid off because the company he was working for became smaller and they needed less people. Which is why he got laid off and now he is living with my brother Julio in his garage. My next oldest sibling is Yesenia and she has a daughter named Natalie who is five years old. Yesenia works at a surgery center as an office manager. This means that she’s in…

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