Argumentative Essay On Dysfunctional Families

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Dysfunctional Families Do you and your parents get along? Do you feel like you have big responsibilities also not enough time for yourself or your friends, plus parents making dreams and goals for you when you don’t necessarily look up to those dreams and goals, as well as forcing you to take sides, getting involved in their arguments by force? If this sounds like you, then you my friend come from a dysfunctional family so you need to know how to deal with it plus knowing how it could be a bad impact on anyone 's life. So in this essay I will show what a dysfunctional family could do to in anyone’s life, how to deal with it, also comparing it to Chris McCandless’s life with his dysfunctional family.

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Children sometimes grow up in such families with the understanding that such an arrangement is normal”, best definition describing what a dysfunctional family is. Things that could go wrong in a dysfunctional family are deficient parents they hurt their children in, by omission than by commission, children tend to take adult responsibility from a young age in these types of family also children from there learn to ignore their own needs and feelings because of this. Children are unable to play an adult role and take care of their parents from there they would feel guilty and inadequate also the feelings leading to their adulthood. It could make the child’s social life hard if their usually getting controlled very often, by not allowing …show more content…
Chris graduated from Emory University sounds like he is living life but at home for Chris,wasn’t so good. Walt McCandless which is Chris’s father, had a double life which he had two families. Walt would spend time with each of his family on and off. When Walt comes back to Marcia which is his 1st wife, mother of Chris. Walt would abuse his wife in front of the kids including Chris by punching, kicking, and pulling her hair. One of Chris’s sister would hide every time Walt would come by. Walt also put a pillow over her face suffocating her afterwards breaking her back. Marcia, Chris’s mother reported a letter to a family court of Walt breaking her back. With all this being said the kids were traumatized they said seeing these incidents make them feel like they were nothing as well as thinking they caused their father to abuse their mother and this a evidence of a dysfunctional family an abusive type. Marcia finally divorced Walt, when Chris was only five years old and moved to Colorado with her Children. Years later Chris would spend his summers with his half sisters including his dad. Walt would abuse his 2nd wife Billie this time he would call his kids to see him beating his wife saying “look at what your mom is making me do”. Another evidence for a dysfunctional family this time being deficient parents and abusive. Again I could go

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