The Lego Of Lego Toys Essay

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Lego Visual Analysis
All children love to play with good toys, and Lego company has always been one of the best representatives of the toy market. At the same time, there is a recent alarming tendency to produce toys that are aimed to support specific gender stereotypes. Analyzing the way advertising of Lego toys changed from 1980s to modern day, it is possible to trace the path of stereotyping in regards to gender. The audience can see how Lego advertisements have regressed from using gender-neutral marketing to gender-specific marketing through the use of gender-specific activities and colors. The Lego ads from the 1980s subvert the idea of cultural gender roles whereas the Lego commercials from modern day reinforce the gender roles that males construct houses and that females are housewives.
To understand Lego’s advertising progression, it is necessary to pay attention to the advertising in the previous era when Lego 's campaigns were not aimed at creating the toys based on the stereotypical perception of the genders. For example, Text 1 is a Lego advertisement from 1981 that depicts both boys and girls playing together using the same toys. The prominent colors of the ad, brown and yellow, tend to be considered gender neutral. Also, the children are both wearing gender-neutral clothing of jean fabric. Although the airplanes are generally masculine toys, the girl is also playing with the airplane. Both children are enjoying the toy equally. In the 1980s, society thought…

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