The Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana Essay

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The United States of America is a vast country with various cultures depending on the state and the locations within the state. There also laws that can differ from state to state, some being reasonable and others that are quite questionable. With so many differences, it is understandable to have situations where the nation as a whole will disagree on. Whether it be the legalization of recreational marijuana – or in this case, the Stand Your Ground law. The Stand Your Ground law states that if one is in a situation in which they feel threatened, they have the right to use deadly force, with regulations depending on your location. It is one of the three main laws in America for self-defense. The other laws being the Castle Doctrine, which claims one can use deadly force only to protect their private property, and the Duty to Retreat law. The Duty to Retreat law states one must flee from the threat and only use deadly force if there is no other choice.
There is a constant battle between whether or not we should have gun laws – specifically the stand your ground law. Culturally, we are divided on what we think the verdict should be for the stand your ground law. The pro-side is at an equilibrium with the anti-side in regards to the size of the debate. There are very strong points as to why we should have gun laws, especially stand your ground. We also have the points as to why we shouldn’t have these laws, one point being that we have taken advantage of it. In regards to the…

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