The Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana Essay

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The United States of America is a very large country with many different cultures depending on what state one are in and where in that state they are. There also laws that can differ from state to state, some being reasonable and others that make one wonder what happened to cause that law to be passed. With so many differences it is understandable to get things that the nation as a whole disagree on, it be the legalization of recreational marijuana or, in this case, the Stand Your Ground law. The Stand Your Ground law details that if one is in a situation in which they feel threatened they have the right to use deadly force even if in public. It is one of the three main laws in America for self-defense. The other two being the Castle Doctrine, which claims one can use deadly force only to protect their private property, and the Duty to Retreat law, one must get out of the situation and only use dead force if there is no other choice.
There are twenty-three states that practice the Stand Your Ground law and out of those only two do not allow Open Carry, Florida and South Carolina. Only six of those states require citizens to have a license to carry, meaning that in fifteen states one can carry a gun around in the open and also shoot someone who makes one feel threatened for any reason. Some states do need both of these laws, such as Alaska where there are dangerous animals to protect oneself against as well as a lacking in authorities who can get there in a timely manner.…

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