The Legalization Of Gay Marriage Essay

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Austin Reynolds, in his term paper, “ k,” proves with strong assertations that there is evidence to support the legalization of homosexual marriage, though many would argue that it will harm the sanctity of marriage and harm the right to freedom of religion. Reynolds supports his ideas by expounding upon the inequality that LGBT people are given and how gay marriage will bring harm to no man, women, or child. The author’s purpose is to inform the reader on all aspects of gay marriage so they understand the controversial reasoning behind the idea as well as the arguments against the proposal. Reynolds writes in a formal tone for the American Studies English teachers at Granite Hills High School.
Imagine you live in a world where you can’t ever be married to the person you love. Thats it. No matter what you do you cannot marry them because of a religious group. Imagine someone tells you that you can’t eat a donut because they are on a diet. Now lets come back to reality and discover that the imagining you just did is a person’s everyday life. Realize that they wake up everyday to ignorant people bestowing their beliefs upon other people and attempting to give them less rights. What other piece of American history does this parallel? This parallels the Civil Rights movement in the 1950’s. Stores and restaurants were refusing service to black people because of the way they came into this world. Nobody has a say in what skin color they or their child is going to be…

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