The Legal Process Of The Roman World Essay

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1. I believe the legal process in the Roman World is mostly fair because the consul followed cautious steps before he convicted anyone. Before the consul acted on what Aubulia said, he made sure to get all the information he could from the people involved. Also, the consul told Hispala Fecenia she would be protected after she told him what she knew. The government would reward anyone who brought in a guilty person or gave any information about the people who fled that were involved in the Bacchus practices. The decrees of the senate reads, “A reward for any discoverer who should bring any of the guilty before them, or give information against any of the absent”. The senate allowed those who were a guilty a certain period of time to turn themselves in, and if anyone who was guilty lived in Italy, they would get a longer amount of time to turn themselves in. Moreover, the senate gave leniency to those who had been initiated but didn 't participate in the Bacchus practices. These people were just sentenced to prison instead of being put to death. Those who actually participated in the Bacchus practices and convinced others to participate where sentenced to death. Women who had a proper person could be executed in private. If they didn’t, they had to be executed in public. The only part about their legal system that think is unfair is that people get executed for participating in the Bacchus practices.
2. One the of primary concerns the Roman government had concerning the…

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