Assisted Suicide In The United States

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Assisted Suicide
Assisted suicide is legal in 5 out of the fifty states in America. These states include Oregon, California, Montana, Vermont, and Washington (“State-by-State”). In these 5 states people that are dying from a terminal illness have the option to consult a doctor about ending their lives and ending their pain. Assisted suicide in the U.S. should be legalized. It has a very controversial background but if legalized would bring relief to families and patients. It would allow terminally ill patients to die with dignity.
The history of euthanasia and physician assisted suicide is a long one filled with misinformation and biased opinions. Many people do not realize that physician assisted suicide is different that euthanasia.
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All states and countries that allow physician assisted suicide have many safeguards in place so that when patients do choose to end their lives it is a good decision and it is ethical. The safeguards in many places are the same. Doctors want to make sure there is no other treatment for the patient to ensure that assisted suicide is the next best option. “To qualify for euthanasia under Dutch law, a person must be mentally capable of making the decision, act voluntarily, be ill without hope of recovery, and have a lasting wish to die. Physicians performing euthanasia must consult with at least one other doctor and must write reports on each case” (“Assisted Suicide”). In Oregon, the patient needs to make two requests, one written one oral, they also have to meet with two doctors and they have to wait a mandatory waiting period to avoid a hasty, emotional decision …show more content…
for some people just being able to decide from a personal standpoint on whether or not to suffer and fight through a terminal illness or to end life in a happy and peaceful way can bring a lot of relief to how they will continue on with life. Scott Mendelson asked “on what basis do we force an individual to continue to suffer an excruciatingly painful existence in which there is no longer any hope, comfort, or meaning?” People have a right to decide what they do with the delicate life they are given so why not grant them the right to decide how they want to

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