Euthanasia Be Legalized

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What if it was you? You find out that you have a terminal illness with maybe months left to live, and most of that time will be spent suffering in pain. If you had the option to peacefully end your life, would you? This is a highly controversial situation. Most commonly referred to as assisted suicide or euthanasia. Euthanasia is defined as the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. Society has many different viewpoints on whether or not the United States should make this act legal. Physician assisted suicide is currently legal in Oregon, Montana, Washington, Vermont, and California. The only patients that can qualify for it must be terminally ill and mentally competent adults. …show more content…
That they are being affected greatly by this individual 's decision when in reality it has caused no harm to anybody. They believe it will change society for the worse and cause more violence and harm. There is no proof to argue that the legality of euthanasia will cause society to be more violent. On the contrary there are many in society who believe the legalizing assisted suicide would have a positive effect essentially making people more compassionate. If you think about it, euthanasia is doing more good than harm. Would you rather see someone you love, a significant other, relative, or friend suffer in pain until they pass? Or would you rather help them go at peace surrounded by family in a comfortable setting and know that they are at ease? The answer is obvious. There are so many families of patients with a terminal illness and they have to witness them go through months, possibly years of suffering. So why is it up to the government and the state to make these decisions for patients? Most of the government 's reasoning is behind the doctors. Surveys found that 36 percent of doctors in 74 countries were in favor of assisted suicide (Sathya, 2). That is less than half of the doctors in the world. The percentage may be low …show more content…
Death is something that is religiously viewed as a part of the life cycle, just like birth. We do not get to choose our moment of birth and it is argued that we should not be capable of choosing our time of death (Dimanno, 3). Death is only controlled by god and most people with strong religious beliefs think that it should stay that way. Although death is a part of life, that does not mean people should not be allowed to control it. Arguing that God should choose our death, without any real evidence of God is not enough to stop people from proceeding with the act of euthanasia. People who are suffering and essentially at death’s doorstep should have the power to choose and should not have to fight for their right against a group of people’s individual beliefs. Many also argue the euthanasia should be illegal because it will eventually lead to a slope of people who will take advantage of it. Euthanasia has been granted to patients with diseases such as Alzheimer 's and depression which are purely mental, non painful disorders which should not qualify. The power to inflict death will only lead to a negative effect on society. Even though some disorders are not physically painful does not mean they do not cause mental suffering. Every patient, whether a mental

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